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Dr Steve Lekson gave on January 12, 2021

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Mimbres and Paquimé

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Bob Blair gave on November 10, 2020

William Henry Jackson: Pioneer Photographer, Freehand Artist

and Archaeologist

Looking at Jackson’s 99 year life span with an emphasis on his Southwestern archaeological work and the relevance of his life’s work today. 

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Kellam Throgmorton gave on October 13, 2020,

Social Groups at the Basketmaker-Pueblo Transition:

Interpretations from the Procession Panel


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Paul Reed gave on September 8, 2020,

The Return of Blue Lake

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Kellam Throgmorton gave on June 9, 2020,

The Political Power of Landscape Change

in the Chacoan World


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Paul Reed gave on May 12, 2020,

Native American Engagement in Archaeology

1989-1991:         Llano Quemado Archaeology Site, Taos NM

January 10, 2018:       Speaker: Mary Weahkee   

                                              Turkey Feather Blanket Production Demonstration

                                         Indigenous Symbolism in Ceramic Iconography


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