Our History - 1987 to 1999

In 1999 a group of TAS members put together a 38 page booklet, covering our history, from "The Beginning" - 1987, to that date of publication.  A number of our current members have seen this document and each person has suggested that it should be made available to all members.  There are about 5 copies in print, and it is finally available on-line here.

It's a great story of the starting of the Taos Archaeological Society, the men & women who did so much local archaeological work (actual digs!) in the Taos area even before the Society existed, and continued that tradition under the name of TAS.  It also shows that TAS has not changed from it's original purpose and goals, established almost 25 years ago.  True, we don't do "digs" any more, but we still have great field trips, great speakers, wonderful field work projects, and continue to bring Archaeology to the attention of the citizens of Taos County.

It's very pleasing to see how many of the original members are still part of TAS.  It speaks volumes to the strengths of TAS, but as you look through the pages and photos, it highlights the loss of other wonderful members.

Hope you enjoy reading the booklet and perhaps someday someone will take the lead on documenting the TAS years since 1999.

Due to the size of the booklet and the number of color photographs, it's been broken into 4 parts.  

Part 1   (Pages 1-3  & Photos)

Part 2   (Pages 4-8 & Photos)

Part 3   (Pages 9-20  & Photos)

Part 4   (Pages 21-32)

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